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Welcome to the 2016 Corn Fest Kickoff

About the Corn Fest Kickoff

WHEN: August 13-14, 2016
WHERE: North Ridgeville, Ohio (Cleveland Area)
FEES: 2004 (U13) & 2003 (U14) $425; 2007 (U10), 2006 (U11) & 2005 (U12) $375; 2008 (U9) & 2009 (U8) $350
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, Jul 25, 2016
PAY TO: NRASL; PO Box 39482, North Ridgeville, OH 44039
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees

The Corn Fest Kickoff tournament is built to satisfy your every need in a preseason soccer tournament! The North Ridgeville Amateur Soccer League will host approximately 100 teams from across the region, giving teams a different experience and competition than you usually see. This ensures each team has a chance to compete against an appropriate challenge level.

We keep our costs low and offer great tournament prices, concessions, vendors and souvenirs for the whole family!

We offer plenty of extra things to see and do while visiting North Ridgeville! Our tournament coincides with the city of North Ridgeville's annual Corn Festival, only minutes down the road!!! At the Corn Festival you'll find games, rides, music, food and more. The festival gives families lots of additional things to do before, between and after games without ever having to leave the city!

Finally, the Corn Fest Kickoff is a great way to tune up your team before the fall season starts and to get a good measurement of their potential. We offer a strong, competitive tournament, while making sure it’s fun for the whole family!


Corn Fest Kickoff

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